Grace Eckley received her Ph.D. from Kent State University, 1970. She began researching Stead because she found him to be a dominant influence on James Joyce, which can be read in three books: Children's Lore in "Finnegans Wake" (1985), The Steadfast "Finnegans Wake" (1994), and The Steadfast James Joyce (1997). In this connection, NewsStead frequently reviewed books about James Joyce.

New article "Mythic Time and Dual Overlook Narrators Structuring James Joyce's Finnegans Wake" Posted in 2010.

New article "Presenting Everyman and the Riddle in the First Question of the Wake's Chapter 6 (126.1-139.14)"
Posted in 2010.

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Associate Editors are Joseph O. Baylen and Timothy S. Eckley.

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